Register as a Job Seeker

Register as a job seeking candidate, create your free digital profile and increase your chances of getting that dream job.

Alternative Employee’s cost-effective platform where you can send your digitized CV with the cost of an SMS to a potential employer!

To send your CV, just sms the employers email address to 33440.

We offer Employees the opportunity to:

  • Have your own personal employment profile professionally drafted,developed and stored on the Alternative Employee database, together with copies of all your tertiary qualifications, certificates of competency as well as any letters of recommendation.
  • Have your employment profile made digitally available on request to prospective employers who are seeking to fill an employment vacancy within your defined category of employment.
  • Be contacted directly by the prospective employers who want to interview or meet you.
  • Access our innovative skills development and training programmes and workshops, thereby enabling you to improve your overall knowledge and skills base so as to make you potentially more employable.

Alternative Employee is not a labour broker but rather we offer to assist you to become more employable!

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